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$ ls /urlfind Home | Generators | Servers | Hosting Providers | XPowered-by | IP Addresses | Word Press Plugins $ cat /urlfind/motd - URL Mapping and cross domains links., but then, I thought it would be a better idea to talk about Gradients as an introduction to Opacity Masks.I think it's useful anyway...'A nice Gradient Fill can really make the difference and enhance your artwork.I will try to explain in detail all about Gradients.Make sure the rectangle is selected, and let's assume we move the white stop towards the right at approximately 20% (shown in the Location box) of the Gradient slider length and the black stop at the 80%. What has actually happened is that the rectangle is now split in 3 zones. Then, at 20% of the rectangle length (at point A) is where our gradient starts.It starts from pure white, lasts throughout Zone 2 (it also passes from midpoint at C) and the blending is completed by turning into black at point B (approximately @80%).Click on the Midpoint Indicator and drag towards the right.You will see that your gradient is adjusted so that the midpoint will be at the new point you defined.

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Underneath the slider bar, you can see two small 'pointers' called Color Stops (the start color and the end color of the Gradient).In this type of gradient, you may also specify the angle of that line, the direction along which the color blending will take place. If you input a value of 45 degrees the result is shown below.In a Radial Gradient, color blending starts from the center of the shape and is completed outwards.In general, with the gradient tool you can very quickly test many angles to your gradients and choose the best one for your design. Locate it on the right dock and click on it (or use the top Menu and choose ).If you are dealing with a radial gradient and you decide to modify it with the gradient tool, then the place you click and start your drag is the center of the gradient. Let's say we agreed on the direction of the Gradient but we are not satisfied with the boring colors of our gradient so we want to spice things up a bit. There are quite a few ways to change the colors of a gradient. Select the rectangle with the white to black Gradient.

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