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I'm skeptical that we're yet to uncover everything here. This may sound crazy but this guy is a hell of a business opportunity for you.Maybe, just maybe, if you can reason with him you can set up a meeting and literally train this guy into success.Now it won't be easy, but it could be one of the greatest success stories in the history of the manosphere.Think about how much this guy posts, how much time this guy spends on the internet, how much he denies game and spreads his ideas around.Here in NYC I see some Black man - White woman couples, much more than Asian and Indian men.Yet, when I have seen Asian and Indian men with White women or any woman outside their race, the woman has been better looking than the man.

He's demonstrated sophisticated trolling technique--and tireless efforts.

as I am not Indian I cannot comment on the culture but having gone abroad I have notice that most Indian men do not really put themselves out there 1.

a lot do not go clubbing like other races (asians don't do it often either) 2.

I'm convinced this is only the beginning of the IRT saga. I have this aching suspicion that this guy has created this elaborate "Indian" persona, snatching some unsuspecting dude's pics off Facebook or something, and trolling the whole Internet, but that it's really just a fiction.

But I, like Tuth, do have an aching suspicion this won't end well. When a potential new employer or girlfriend(cough cough ) decides to google his name or e-mail address they're bound to find out about him trolling the entire universe. Maybe he has an axe to grind against Indian people, or he's just a bored, overweight teenager in the Midwest.

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