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So..of yet I have not met this man (he has put it off). I could see from the pictures that it was not true.Right now he is out of the country for two weeks on a vacation and we continue to email.I sometimes feel unattractive but my friends tell me I am pretty.I found someone that stood out from the others for his intelligence, kindness, and humor.Do not email for weeks unless you are interested in an email based relationship. When you connect with a man, whether online or in person, and he really likes you and he is serious about trying to date you, he is going to make that meeting happen as soon as possible.

Fast forward to where I recently joined a dating website because I realized my life was passing by quickly and I am lonely and worthy of love.If he does agree to meet, you may find that the chemistry is really strong and his extra weight doesn't bother you.You still need to be mindful of his lack of availability, that is a big red flag.I also liked how he looked, not perfect but attractive enough (I don't hold attractiveness as my #1 requirement but it is a thing). He periodically states, when I send a picture, that I am ''too pretty for him''.I recieved messages from many more men than I expected, some of them very handsome but not a match for me in other ways. I asked him to stop saying it because it makes me sad.

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