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When the group disbanded in 1976, Patti launched a remarkably successful solo career. Chef known for “New New Orleans” cuisine : EMERIL Emeril Lagasse is an American chef, born in Massachusetts. Lagasse first achieved notoriety as executive chef in Commander’s Palace in New Orleans. Tourists flock there to see the Luxor and Karnak Temple ruins, as well as the Valley of the Kings and the Valley of the Queens immediately opposite Luxor on the other side of the River Nile. One theory is that the “loop” got its name from the cable loops in the city’s old cable car system. The T-note is purchased at a discount to face value, and at the date of maturity can be redeemed at that face value. : DEE FLAT (sounds like “D-flat”) The actress Sandra Dee started out as a model before moving into film. Pro baseball player with an orange-and-black uniform : ORIOLE 3. Luxor is often called “the world’s greatest open-air museum”. : BEE STUDENT (sounds like “B student”) An apiary is an area where bees are kept. The charged ions are subjected to high magnetic fields that propel them around a circular “racetrack”, before being smashed into something, just to see what happens! Trains to Chicago’s Loop : ELS The historic commercial center of Chicago is known as the Loop. for some sportswomen : LPGA The Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) was founded in 1950 by a group of 13 lady golfers, and today it is the oldest ongoing women’s sports professional organization in the US. A T-Note has a coupon (interest) payment made every six months. The “paradise” that is “lost” is the Garden of Eden, from which Adam and Eve were expelled by God in the “Fall of Man”. By the time the series ended, “The X-Files” was the longest running sci-fi show in US broadcast history. : CUE BERT (sounds like “Q*bert”) For many years, I believed that the “Sesame Street” characters Bert and Ernie were named after two roles played in the Christmas classic “It’s a Wonderful Life”. With the encouragement of the band, he returned to the lineup by using a specially designed electronic drum set. It is indeed an epic work, published originally in ten volumes with over ten thousand lines of verse. : JRS Today the standardized test for admission to colleges is known as the SAT Reasoning Test, but it used to be called the Scholastic Aptitude Test and Scholastic Assessment Test, which led to the abbreviation SAT. The stars of the show are David Duchovny (playing Fox Mulder) and the very talented Gillian Anderson (playing Dana Scully). Something from or related to Florence is described as “Florentine”. Publilius wrote the adage “People who are always moving, with no roots in one place, avoid responsibilities and cares”. We are more familiar with the contemporary “A rolling stone gathers no moss”. ___-serif : SANS Serifs are details on the ends of characters in some typefaces. Louis, so when it finally relocated to Baltimore in the early fifties the team changed its name completely, to the Baltimore Orioles.

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The black color indicates that the underlying cheese has been aged for a minimum of 17 weeks. Title for Maria Theresa of Austria : EMPRESS Maria Theresa was the last ruler of the House of Habsburg, also known as the House of Austria. Maria Theresa was married to Francis I, Holy Roman Emperor. Apparently the practice is “rampant” among teens and young adults. Arnaz was a native of Cuba, and was from a privileged family. His father was Mayor of Santiago and served in the Cuban House of Representatives. : DES Des Plaines, Illinois is a suburb of Chicago that is located next to O’Hare International Airport. Newswoman Van Susteren : GRETA I remember watching Greta Van Susteren as a legal commentator on CNN during the celebrated O. Van Susteren parted company with Fox in 2016, and apparently that parting wasn’t a happy one. : AMTS There seems to some uncertainty about the origin of the symbol “Rx” that’s used for a medical prescription. She parlayed those appearances into a permanent slot as co-host of CNN’s “Burden of Proof”, before becoming host of her own show on the Fox News Channel called “On the Record”.

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    @rtenews pic.twitter.com/TMl2SFQaji— Caitriona Perry (@Caitriona Perry) June 27, 2017 Speaking about the encounter to the Independent.ie's political editor, Ms Perry said her American colleagues thought the encounter was "hilarious", as Trump has such a fractious relationship with the media.

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    Your client will happily derp away on SMB1 and share all its darkest secrets unless you required encryption on that share to prevent SMB1 in the first place. We believe this so strongly that when we introduced Scaleout File Server, we explicitly prevented SMB1 access to those shares! So do our licensed SMB providers like Visuality and Tuxera, who also help printer manufacturers join the modern world. We provide SMB1 usage auditing in Windows 10, Windows Server 2016, and Windows Server 2012 R2/Windows 8.1 via an update, just to be sure.