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Sometimes, hearing parents and their deaf children are learning ASL at the same time.Parents face the difficulty of conveying abstract concepts about faith in a language that isn’t their first. If you have deaf parents, when the door goes, its always for you, even if its not.

The ,000-project is being funded by the Deaf Apostolate, several small grants, and proceeds from app sales. From stamping and banging on the floor so hard to get your parent’s attention. Deaf people just wave and cut right in and so do their kids. When door-to-door salesmen turned up, desperate for a sale, they would still give the sales pitch even though my dad was looking at them with a blank expression pointing to his ear and mouthing ‘dddeeeaaaaffff’. You think its OK to rudely interrupt people’s conversations Children of deaf adults end up thinking that its fine to interrupt people when they’re talking. You can follow Matt on Twitter @foreverbsl See all our other top lists The Limping Chicken is the world's most popular Deaf blog, and is edited by Deaf journalist and filmmaker Charlie Swinbourne.Co-owners Catherine Miller and Ann Calamia had met Schipani about 10 years ago while making “Universal Signs,” an award-winning film about a troubled young man who is deaf.The three women then collaborated on a video series about deaf children preparing for confirmation, produced for the National Catholic Office for the Deaf.

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