Disclosing mental illness dating

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The father refuses to disclose his address to ex which was fine at first but now she refuses to let him have kids until he does. Whether that is a hotel on holiday, or their normal residence. I don't know where my oldest 2's dad lives, but then he doesn't have any visitation in person. other dad I know where he lives, he knows where I live. While it's not ideal, I think as long as she has a way of contacting him (phone number) then he can choose not to tell her.

We had written into our parenting plan that both parties agree to let the other party know asap of a change of address Unless there was domestic violence involved I'd assume he was being unnecessarily hostile.

This is a lot better than “They were a psycho” or pouring out your life story. I’ve found that buffering what you disclose with contrasting who you were then with who you are now, also clarifies that you’ve moved on from it.

That said, while your past experiences can contribute somewhat to who you are, they don’t represent all of who you are and can actually distort you. Anything you’re telling them should be done so organically and not the equivalent of vomiting out your insecurities and your past so you can get it out on the table before either of you get too comfy.Quick question for a friend...sorry if this is in the wrong spot.There are no parenting orders in place, things were quite messed up at first but the father has recently been having the children regularly as agreed by both parties. Thanks in advance I think it's completely acceptable for a parent to withhold access if they are not being allowed to know where their children will be staying with the other parent.One of the things that I discovered through various relationships and not just romantically, is that you can share information about yourself but as soon as it leaves your mouth, you have no control over how it will be perceived and what impact it will make on that relationship.I remember a couple of exes telling me that because of my fraught relationship with my mother back then, that there must be something “wrong” with me.

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