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Some of our problems are:- Opening the project takes about 30 minutes and most of the time involves re-indexing of all files, including JDK classes (by comparison, "mvn eclipse:clean eclipse:eclipse" takes about a minute)- Very often IDEA becomes totally unresponsive and hangs forever when the project is opened- After running a Maven build from the command-line, IDEA indexes all files produced by the build, again causing a loss of time for the developer Although the extremely poor performance makes me wonder whether IDEA's approach of integrating with Maven is fundamentally wrong, I do understand that such criticism isn't very helpful.Therefore I'd like to propose some features that might improve our situation:- Allow actions (e.g.I first tried the obvious solution, to clean out the workspace. Ugh, I fell into despair, all those key-binds and spring templates, all gone.So, rationally I hopped on to #eclipse on get some feed back on my situation.

eclipse updating indexes hangs-5

There are a number of reasons why being on a recent version of Eclipse is important.We of course know that one of the major pain points when developing applications in Java is having to build, compile, package, restart/redeploy, generate state, ZZzzzzz.And all this before you can even think about testing or seeing your code changes.Your settings will of course depend on your detailed environment, but here are some suggested settings which will give you a much more performant environment from the outset: flag used to dictate which garbage collector strategy to use.This strategy minimises the garbage collection pause, meaning the time spent garbage collecting is reduced as much as possible.

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