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The proliferation of new applied data resources and new applications is going to be an impact of incredible proportion for E9-1-1 since Wireless E9-1-1.9-1-1 Communications Center teams work like well-oiled precision tools when a critical call comes in or the phones and radios are swamped on a full moon Friday night.But we often hear that teamwork comes to an abrupt halt when it comes to getting along or to be a team off the phones and radio.Some cities in California, such as Santa Monica, have also passed local tip-related ordinances.When deciding workplace-related issues and conflicts, California’s courts will always use the law most protective to the employee.Notably, the Department of Labor’s Field Operations Handbook provides:[I]t does not appear that the Congress, even in requiring as a general principle that tipped employees retain all their tips, intended to prevent tipped employees from deciding, free from any coercion whatever and outside of any formalized arrangement or as a condition of employment, what to do with their tips, including sharing them with whichever co-workers they please.Thus, the relevant inquiry became whether Chili’s Restaurants operated a legal tip pool—the determination of which hinges upon: (1) whether the “expediters” and “quality assurance” workers were tip eligible; and (2) whether the managers coerced the servers to share their tips with the “expediters” and “quality assurance” workers.Finally, overtime pay laws entitle tipped employees to premium pay at the rate of “time and one-half” the full minimum wage (.00/hour) rather than “time and one-half” the server minimum (.98/hour) for each hour worked over 40/week or 12/day.

Restaurants, car washes and other employers whose employees receive tips must allow tipped employees to keep their tips.Upon their arrival firefighters were confronted with heavy smoke and fire showing from a one-story single family dwelling.Holidays can be a very busy time for 9-1-1; burnout, sickness and just genuine lack of motivation can be huge problems causing 9-1-1 centers everywhere to struggle.Unfortunately, the bad news for hospitality workers is that wage theft is on the rise.In fact, according to a report by the Economic Policy Institute, each year wage and hour violations by employers fleece California’s workforce by nearly two billion dollars in hard earned wages.

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