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This article explains how to install Eclipse Luna on Windows 10.Eclipse is unique to most IDE’s in that it doesn’t have an installer.I like this edition because it seems to come with the most complete set of tools pre build in.Choose a mirror from the screen presented to download Eclipse.

I had this issue and tried updating maven project countless times but it did not solve it until I deleted JDT indexes like this: [answer on How would you access Eclipse JDT index?I have a dynamic web project that I am working on to migrate a jsp/servlet app from JRun to Tomcat. I have tried creating a jar file and adding that to the build path via "Add External Jar", I have also tried adding an "External Class Folder" and pointing to the folder that contains the "com" directory in question. What is strange is if I start typing the package name eclipse actually auto-completes the class for me! Maybe there is something I need to do to ensure the classes end up in the WEB-INF/lib directory? It builds all your components and resolves if any import error is there. I have the *.class files sitting inside a com/ibm/ivj/eab/dab folder (exactly how I found them). Maybe the classes were compiled for a much older java version and that is causing trouble? Or right click on the application and go to maven /update project.Eclipse was continiously throwing the error and i also did a bit of googling ...everything was ok and it took 30 mins for me to realise the cap small issue.I tried closing and re-opening the project which took care of this problem.

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