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Suppose that the system specifications start off with very simple requirements for the user database, one that can be handled by the following single table: create table users ( user_id integer primary key, first_names varchar(50), last_name varchar(50) not null, email varchar(100) not null unique, -- we encrypt passwords using operating system crypt function password varchar(30) not null, registration_date timestamp(0) ); Notice that the comment about password encryption is placed above, rather than below, the column name and that the primary key constraint is clearly visible to other programmers.It is good to get into the habit of writing data model files in a text editor and including comments and examples of the queries that you expect to support.

Still, something seems unclean about having to add more and more columns to deal with the possibility of a user having more and more phone numbers.If you use a desktop application with a graphical user interface to create tables you're losing a lot of important design information.Remember that the data model is the most critical part of your application.But for laboratory tests, the fat approach begins to get ugly.There are thousands of possible tests that a hospital could perform on a patient.

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