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Leaked nude photos of Samara Weaving The Fappening 2017 part 2.Samara Weaving is a 25 years old Australian actress, best known for the role of Kirsten Mulroney in the television series of the BBC TV ‘Out Of The Blue’ and the role of Indigo Walker in the most popular soap Opera of the southern continent, ‘Home and away’.Julie had planned on eloping with David Martin, but backed out after talking to Tom about it.Later Julie went after David while he was married to her best friend, Susan, always hopefully he would leave Susan one day and marry her.Julie was in such a rush to see David she tripped down some stairs and suffered a miscarriage (the baby was thought of as Robert Anderson, Jr).In 1976 Julie divorced Bob Anderson and reunited with Doug and they became engaged.Julie would eventually give birth to her child, who she named David, and following her Grandfather's advice she gave the child up for adoption.Little David would be adopted by Scott and Janet Banning, who named him Brad and all three would move to Salem.

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In 1974 Julie became engaged to Don Craig, however she broke it of when she learned her mother Addie was dying, and their may be a chance for her and Doug after all.

She allowed Scott visitation rights to see little David, and eventually the two married in 1969.

In December of 1970 Julie met Doug Williams, who at the time was being paid by Susan Martin to have an affair with Julie. In 1970 Doug and Julie would eventually make love at Doug's apartment.

Phyllis felt betrayed by Julie, and in an attempt to murder her she accidentally shot her own daughter Mary.

Julie's marriage to Bob Anderson wasn't up to par with the exciting life she was living, and by 1975 Julie decided to leave Bob Anderson.

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