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I would then continue up from there with the back, front and side panels.An alteration as you have described would not be recommended as this would result in the fireplace being used outside of the manufacturer's safety testing parameters, so any warranty would be voided out.Please note that this weighs 1200 pounds and you will need a foundation to support and distribute this weight evenly.

(I'll deal with that important history on other pages.) If you were taught (as many Pentecostalists are) that the Spirit's history in the modern church started at the Azusa Street revival, you were, to be blunt, And those who have been taught about Azusa are, as often as not, taught a (literally) white-washed version of what happened.

I believe it is important for people to know accurately where their beliefs come from, and what path brought them to our era.

Here's a time line with thumbnail sketches of some of what set the stage for the birth of today's Pentecostalist movements.

The history of the Holy Spirit's dealings with human beings goes back a long, long way -- indeed, to the very beginning of the human race.

The history of the Holy Spirit's dealings with the church is about 2000 years long.

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