Feminized sissy cuckold dating

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Jessica reached out and ripped my shirt open then proceeded to undo my jeans. Slipping her manicured fingers under the waist band of my briefs, she lowered them down my now trembling thighs.I broke away from her momentarily as she said, “Take off those silly boys’ clothes.”I managed to utter a shocked “What? “My, my, Steph”, she commented while looking at my privates.I could only speak with sounds, and I am sure she knew that my AAAHHHH meant YES!I was ready to erupt and Jessica sensed this too, she squeezed harder and pumped my cock faster has I exploded right there into her hands!I have always felt that I should have been born a female. I am not very tall, and I have narrow hips and a small butt.I have a very feminine voice and I cry over the silliest things. Jessica’s dominance over me has expanded my submissive nature.

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feminized sissy cuckold dating-76

I have seen you after our lunches for the last month or so, how you dress and eat, you can’t fool me! So take off your clothes now, the other girls will be here shortly and we need to get ready. It sure is the cutest looking cock I’ve ever seen too!Virgin Sissy Deflowered My name is now Tessie, once it was Terrence.I would like to relate how I was turned into a girl (really a transvestite slave) by the beautiful young lady who has become my mistress.I found girls to be rather shallow, only dating the cute, tall and handsome guys and jocks, or guys with lots of money! Jessica, easily the cutest girl in my home room class, had become my friend in the last month or so.She would eat lunch with me every day ignoring her other girlfriends and the athletic jocks who always seem to follow her around.

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