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" I was still shy with it but I lied a bit and said, "Sure mom, no problem." "You know, when you were younger, you loved it when we went to the nudist camp for holidays every summer. " "Ya, it was a great time." "Well this afternoon, when we go out for a swim, why don't you take off your bikini and join us? I don't want Frank thinking that you look down on his way of life.

Our bodies are nothing to feel shame about." My heart leapt into my throat and I squeaked out, "I don't know mom." "Well, think about it sweetheart.

Both she and Frank believed the human body is beautiful and nothing to be ashamed of. She told me in no uncertain terms that if I was uncomfortable with their lifestyle, I could leave. My mom is a very good-looking lady of forty-five that looks much younger. At night, we watched TV in the rec room and mom and Frank, naked, would hold each other on the sofa as I sat in a big, stuffed armchair.

One morning my mother and I were alone having breakfast and she said, "Jodie, I hope you enjoy living here with Frank and I." "Sure mom, it's great.

Frank's a nice guy." "Are you feeling more comfortable with our nudist lifestyle?

His soft penis and clean-shaven ball-sack are in full view. The feeling I was having were nothing like to child's I used to have in the nudist camps. I looked up at the second-floor bedroom window and Frank was looking down at me with a hungry look in his eye. It hit me that this was not right and I turned my head away.

"Jodie, it's been really nice to have you around the place. I hope you've liked it here." "Sure Frank, I like it a lot." "Are you comfortable here? "I mean with the nudist life-style and all." "Yes sir, no problem." He looks over at me with a stern eye. I stood and his eyes looked me up and down, eating me up. My body betrayed me by parting my knees a few inches. Soon, I could hear the bed creak through the open window. In the hall I could hear my mother moaning in ecstasy as I shut and locked my door.

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