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Afterwards, as they lay relaxed in each other's arms, and she felt Randy thrush his warm leg between her warm luscious thighs pressing up against her 'messy' pussy.

"Honey," Jennie said regretfully, "It's a little too close to home; don't you think. Trying to cheer him up, Jennie laughed and said, "But, like you said, Peggy Chan and I are the same size, almost the same weight and near the same age, I think.

When Jennie approached, the other teachers quickly introduced Jennie to Peggy Chan.

Jennie discovered Peggy was a 26-year-old Chinese female who was to be the new Math teacher and would be teaching there starting today.

Her often lurid erotic stories just positively drove her husband into a wild almost insane frenzy.

Jennie had quickly perfected her technique as she come to know just what Randy liked.

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