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, Yesterday i wore my -12 superlenti Ray Bans and one girl asked me why i wear glasses without corrective lenses..that girl so silly or -12 superlenti looks like plans? Maybe, lenti looks "strange" and people think that are just fashionable lenses..

Too much weird looks at my glasses, its like they've never seen lenti before Groot , Plus Tony I think my glasses do look pretty strong from the side. They also create a strong halo that gives them a coke bottle effect even when I pay for thin lenses.

As for looking at lenses it depends so much on the size of the frame and the index of the lens that it is almost impossible to say.It felt as though my eyes almost touched the back of the lenses and my eyelashes brushed against them. I was conscious about my eyesight and drove carefully but I don't think I was a danger to myself or other road users at the time. Owlish , Great pics David, thanks for putting them up.It's clear to me that the lenticular lenses look better and must be much lighter and more comfortable to wear.Colin , Hi David, I also had my glasses from a very young age.I had cateracts removed at 6 weeks old and had glasses with elastic round the back of my head.

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