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If an offence is committed, it’s the duty of police to investigate and determine the best response for dealing with perpetrators utilising formalised procedures and processes.

Each case is dealt on its merits and the underlying philosophy of Police in Australia is based on harm minimisation, in particular, where children are involved.

(email, phones, chatrooms, discussion groups, applications, instant messaging, blogs, video clips, cameras, hate websites/pages, blogs and gaming sites) to repeatedly harass, threaten, humiliate and victimise another with the intention to cause harm, reputation damage, discomfort and intimidation.

In 2015, Australia was ranked 3rd in the number of searches made on the topic of cyber bullying via Google.

In other states stalking and harassment laws cover parts of the Victorian Act but there is no specific law that makes bullying a crime.

Cyber bullying is the deliberate use of social media platforms, information and communication technologies, new media technologies i.e.

Never allow the bully to get away with thinking that no one will help.

Having open communication about online activities and usage including the monitoring of internet usage i.e.

applications, games and internet platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Kik Messenger, Facetime, Skype, Tumblr, You Tube) is fundamental in understanding the child’s social media world.

There is no suggested time limit however should excessive usage affect sleep, self-esteem or cause stress, the Foundation suggests a break from social media, balance is key.

Parents could install a filter that not only records the amount of time used but can automatically disconnects the service temporarily once a set limit has been reached.

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