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These exes already know what it’s like to be friends, which makes it easier to transition back into friendship.

Of course, this assumes the ex-couple didn’t move into a “friends-with-benefits” relationship, which can be quite complicated.

My boyfriend was also sick (with food poisoning) but he avoided me physically. He explained it was because he didn’t want to get sick again in the last few days before his work ended before vacation. I had thought he’d lost interest but took what he said and accepted it.

Then again, this begs the question as to why the couple broke up in the first place.

5) We are more likely to stay friends with our exes if our friends and family support us.

Clearly, staying friends after a breakup isn’t easy, but it certainly is possible.

You may not be as successful as Jerry and Elaine (especially if you mix "this" with "that"), but all is not doom and gloom.

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