Fun dating things to do

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Use any of these 36 things to do with your girlfriend, and your relationship will become a lot happier, playful and spontaneous in no time!

[Read: 25 romantic gestures you can use every day to bring a smile on her face] #1 Give her a massage.

It could be something as simple as doing her chores, washing the dishes, or even preparing dinner for her.

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Sit down with her and ask her about the things she wants to do this month, year, or in her lifetime.

Working out together is always a great way to start motivating each other, and let’s not forget how sexy and irresistible both of you would look after a few months of working out.

[Read: 25 tips to motivate yourself to work out and look better] #5 Buy a little something.

Give her the better seat or let her have the better view wherever you are, at a restaurant or on a flight.

[Read: 25 smart ways to keep your girlfriend happy all the time! If she’s out and you have some time in your hands, surprise her by doing something for her that she was supposed to do when she gets back.

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