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No one at our local high school even had a high enough score to advance to the AIME.

Healy contrasts a single (unmarried) teacher with extensive training in education and in his/her subject matter with a parent who has been involved with their childs growth and development from day one.

Im not saying a child needs to put himself in harms way but by being a witness, the child does an immense amount of good by being a source of positive peer pressure.

They accept her for her and she accepts them for them.

In my city, (some) teachers appear to be more concerned with getting insurance coverage for Viagra or protecting the teacher who cut off the braids of her student than in making sure the students are learning unmonitored video chat adult.

I have home schooled all my kids, and while it has been a sacrifice in a number of ways, at the end of the day Im tired and happy to have a little down time, time for me.

We chose homeschooling for his younger years, and it was defi nitely the best decision for each of my kids.

Kids dont need peer presure to keep high standards for themselves.

We get along without all of these normal things just fine.

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