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In the newly formed United States, homes and public buildings also took on graceful airs.Inspired by the work of the Adam brothers and also by the great temples of ancient Greece and Rome, Americans began to build homes with Palladian windows, circular or elliptical windows, recessed wall arches, and oval-shaped rooms.Named by Joseph Brunner after his childhood home near Mannheim, Germany, the house was completed in 1756.Typical of German Colonial architecture, the Schifferstadt Architectural Museum has these features: A British Style Takes Root in the New World The symmetrical, orderly Georgian style became prominent in Colonial America.

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Learn more: Colonial Houses in New England The Stanley-Whitman House in Farmington, Connecticut is a remarkably well-preserved example of New England Colonial residential architecture.

If you reject the love of another in a cruel or mocking manner, his brother ANTEROS will enact revenge upon you.

The most eligible bachelor in the universe, finally married the lovely mortal PSYCHE after accidentally pricking himself with one of his own arrows.

Stately and symmetrical, these homes imitated the larger, more elaborate Georgian homes which were being built in England.

But the genesis of the style goes back much farther.

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