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Fight scenes were interesting and added a different touch to the game. After you get past the standard text screens though, it seemed short as the more times one plays, you tend to just click though those. This is the first time I`ve been disappointed with every single aspect of a leonizer`s game. All the endings seemed the same to me (except where I get killed or go back to the fiance). I`ve never really liked the "expanding and contracting" characters in these games.The story is idiotic, the sex scenes are lame and repetitive and the characters are about as interesting as used socks. But, of course, the artwork is outstanding as usual.and FFS somebody please figure out how to get ending 3! I am guessing that beating the are monster Werewolf may yield results since I also find no benefit in killing the monsters but also noticed that the Werewolf has same combat stats mostly as Corin ... of course there is killink corin, which is impossible i think. The story is important, the plot, the graphic has improved a lot, but is that really so important?maybe if you are lucky, and he misses you 5 times of 7 hits and you never miss. Hope this will be a interesting and intricate story. After one playthrough, I wanted to find all the other endings.And like others have said, I can`t seem to find ending 3, and I can`t beat Corin. If there`s a secret to killing Corin, I haven`t found it.And yes, the werewolf is easily slayable if you`re patient - unfortunately there seems to be no such secret to Corin.

all ends develop after the first encounter with corin...

On the other hand, the theme music is a little more tolerable than usual.

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Sorry to say that, but this is one of the worst games u ever made! But I couldn`t find ending 3 - maybe if you beat Corin?

I tried it more than 10 times, but I never got near killing him.

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