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It can be easily adapted to virtually any coaxial line environment.Amateur Radio | |Biology | Books | Chemistry | Data Sheets | Electronics | Math | Microscope | NASA-TV | | Photography | Physics | Radio Astronomy | Robots | Science News | Space-Astronomy | Transistors | Search This Site |Do you think that is impossible?The VNA is aimed at the serious experimenter with, at least, a basic understanding of transmission lines.The programs that generated the plots above also store the numerical test data in files on the PC for other uses.It isn't if you are willing to read and study many books and videos.

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Giancarlo Moda, I7SWX, wrote an article in the April 2004 issue of Radio Rivista, an Italian publication, titled "IL VECTOR NETWORK ANALYZER DI N2PK".

For those of you interested in building something similar, I would suggest a slightly larger enclosure with a trapdoor in the back for battery removal and also combining the power and battery charger functions onto one PCB.

My build uses an original N2PK VNA PCB which is no longer readily available.

Its reflection measurement capabilities include complex impedance & admittance, complex reflection coefficient, VSWR, and return loss.

Unlike other impedance measuring instruments that infer the sign of the reactance (sometimes incorrectly) from impedance trends with frequency, a VNA is able to make this determination from data at a single frequency.

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