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– Does the receiver have picture-in-picture capability?

– Is Dolby SPDIF output capability supported by the receiver?

When setting up a FTA service, both C and K band dishes generally work for most consumers.

Most programming found today is transmitted n the 11.7 to 12.2 GHz Ku band using the DVB-S standard which allows smaller dishes such as those used with the popular Dish Network and Direc TV commercial services.

– Does the OSD include the ability to rename, move, and delete channels?

– Is there a dual tuner capability on the receiver to allow you to record one channel while watching another?

– Is there a “Blind Search Power Scan” capability to find all channels transmitted by a given satellite?

Viewsat – Viewsat provides a wide range of products that cater to satellite television consumers.

Some of the popular Viewsat products include Viewsat 2000, Viewsat Files, Viewsat Receiver, Viewsat Ultra, and Viewsat Xtreme.

Most satellites will be in orbit about the Earth at a range of more than 22,000 miles making the task of finding the correct satellite a potentially difficult task.

The following are basic guidelines to follow when setting up a FTA dish.

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