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Most people don’t need to store thousands of raw photo files, terabytes of raw video, gigabytes of lossless digital music, or backups of their Blu-ray collection, but a NAS is a useful tool for the people who do.You should consider a NAS if you have more than one computer at home, since you can back them all up to the NAS rather than connect an external backup drive to each computer.While those NAS tools aren’t as feature-rich as commercial services from Google, Apple, and others, they can at least provide an adequate alternative to pricey subscriptions.Most NAS devices can also act as email, database, and virtual private network (VPN) servers.This NAS is best suited for professionals or anyone who wants to expand their NAS system with more storage down the line.

The same goes for photographers storing photos, music producers archiving music files, designers stockpiling massive Photoshop files, and anyone else who needs needs to access large amounts of data from multiple computers.

You can use the DS218 as a home backup device, a media streamer, a mail server, a website-hosting device, a Bit Torrent box, or a video-surveillance recorder—nearly anything you can do with a Linux computer, while using only about as much electricity as a couple of LED bulbs.

If our top pick is sold out, or you’re more interested in an HDMI port and media remote than you are in file-transfer speed, the QNAP TS-251A is a solid alternative choice.

While that flexibility is great, it can also make some NAS devices confusing to use.

Each NAS has its own manufacturer-specific version of Linux, and some are more usable than others.

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