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Among these women immigrants from poor countries of East and Southeast Asia are dominating: Chinese women — 33.1 percent, Vietnam women – 31.5 percent, Filipina women — 9.2 percent, Cambogia women — 4.0% (according to 2013 data).

In most states of the world the residents of the more developed parts of the country are more likely married to the foreign citizens, but in Korea the situation is quite opposite: the less the region is developed the higher is the proportion of mixed marriages.

About two-thirds of such unions (to be precise, 70.7 percent in 2013) are between Korean men and foreign women.As a result of this migration there was an acute shortage of girls in remote villages.And many single men are turning to the services of agencies that help looking for brides from abroad.Guest workers are mostly temporary ones, though some of them can stay in Korea forever.This is not the case with the other category of immigrants — the foreign wives of the Korean citizens.

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