Internet dating and mail order brides

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Paola certainly does not seem like a victim, and neither did any of my interviewees.We need to stop using the term 'mail order bride,' since it makes these women sound like purchased sexual slaves.However, no legitimate American introduction agency can actually sell you a wife. Relationships conducted online are increasingly the norm, and why not expand that internet search beyond American borders?We all need to recognize that the term mail order bride is incredibly offensive and stigmatizing for any couple involved in an international relationship, regardless of the way in which they met.

To maintain the relationship, they will do anything that will be required of them.

These women are often educated, a large number speak English, and many of them are not desperate to leave their home countries.

In fact, most of the women I met involved in the romance tours and websites reminded me of Paola on : confident and educated.

Today, 'mail order bride' implies that the woman met the American husband through an international online dating site or on a romance tour.

I argue that the term 'mail order bride' is a demeaning way to characterize women who met their American partners online or through an introduction agency.

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