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People with Social Anxiety Disorder will be unable to fully function in many areas of life.

Their symptoms can be severe and can include panic attacks, trembling or excessive sweating.

Others will find their shyness affecting their lives more visibly.

For example, when it causes a person to avoid a specific social situation even though they desperately want to participate.

If you are a moderately shy person, you will need to evaluate how much this anxiety affects your life.

If you are able to overcome your shyness most of the time, I don’t think that you need to explicitly state that you’re shy in your dating profile.

I see no reason to make an issue of introversion in your dating profile, just as I see no reason for an out-going person to explicitly say “I’m extroverted” in their profile.

I believe the answer to this question really depends on the severity of the shyness.

Love Shy The love shy man will find it difficult (or even impossible) to approach or talk to a woman in informal situations.

Strong feelings of anxiety will often be overwhelming to the point that the man will actually avoid a woman he is interested in. Gilmartin, often have little or no real relationship experience with women.

At this point, it is affecting your life enough that revealing this early will be beneficial for everyone involved.

Painfully Shy Painfully shy refers to someone with Social Anxiety Disorder.

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