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Attorney Tamara Brady asked Steven Beggs, a federal agent who testified, whether there was anything to prevent "a severely mentally ill person" from purchasing things like chemicals, ammunition and handcuffs. Defense attorney Daniel King asked Appel if Holmes was tested for drugs or other substances."I saw no indication that he was under the influence of anything," Appel said.Holmes' lawyers could have waived the first public airing of the case against him, but legal analysts say they may see the mini-trial as a chance to gauge the prosecution's case or tactics to prepare for a possible plea agreement.Gumbinner said Holmes told him he hoped the music would lure someone and lead them to play with the car, thereby detonating the explosives.The other initiating system was a model rocket launch box which operated by means of infrared light, but Holmes told investigators it wasn't armed, Gumbinner said.Authorities went to the apartment and carefully dismantled them.Prosecutors also used Holmes' dating website profiles to try to prove he knew the consequences of his actions.The bottle of glycerin was meant to fall into the permanganate when the door to his apartment opened, to cause an explosion and then a fire, prosecutors said.The manager of The Science Company, Steve Grebe, confirmed the purchase, noting the amount was small and the materials are common in junior high experiments.

Holmes had informed both, and a third psychiatrist who joined for two out of seven sessions, that he was thinking about killing people, without specifying individuals or methods.On two social networking websites — and Friend — Holmes asked: "Will you visit me in prison?"The Match profile was created in April; the Friend Finder account was opened on July 5.At some point, he also improvised napalm, as well as thermite, a substance which burns so hot that water can't extinguish the blaze.Holmes' purchases were split between two planned attacks, prosecutors said — the theater shooting and a booby trapped apartment that would've blown up if anyone had entered.

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