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The former Loose Women star and musician Eddie met in 1980 and dated for six months before splitting up and moving on with their lives, but reconciled in 2008 and look happier than ever.

But she soon found out working in the family law firm Mac Donald Law - and for her father - wasn't that easy. Soon Miss Mac Donald, who was 14 and attending Fairholme College when she started working at the office, discovered a passion for law and decided she wanted a career in that field.She toured many clubs in northern England, with her father acting as her roadie.She provided all of her own equipment, which she had to replace after it was destroyed in a large bar-fight.So she completed her studies at the University of Southern Queensland and took on most of the roles in the business while she studied, including looking after the reception, being a settlement clerk and another clerking position.Now she's a solicitor, currently specialising in family law. It's an interesting area I can sink my teeth into," she said.

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