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When I reached her sweet, moist vagina I stopped to torment her erect little clitoris with my tongue and the tip of the vibrator.I positioned the point of the vibrator upward so the tip was stimulating the underside of her clit while I used my other hand to gently pull back the hood to expose her clitoris then using my tongue I licked and kissed her clit from the top.

She softly cooed and sighed her approval while arching her back and rocking her shoulders as she reclined on the cool white sheets.This position had the added benefit of placing the egg and shaft portions of the vibrator between her moist, swollen lips at the entrance of her vagina.“If you keep that up you’re going to cum” she cried squirming on the bed.“Isn’t that the point?” I said with a fiendish smile then returned to lash at her clit with my tongue so more. This Animal sex story was exclusively written for loved teasing her and getting her hot. Cassie raised her head and looked at me with lust filled eyes. He has a nice firm, hot cock and he won’t tease me with it.Turning her head to look at me she said, “Last time Jack fucked me when I was tied to the bed. Before I could say a thing she called out to him, “Jack! He looked at me then turned and looked at Cassie with her butt up in the air on the bed.This time I want him to take me doggie style like a little bitch in heat.” She then spread her knees a bit, arched her back and reached between her legs and started rubbing her pussy. This was something wonderful that he’d smelled before, the scent of a human female’s aroused and wet vagina.

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