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Making a show of paying the check for coffee, and adding, “All future lunches and dinners are on me,” isn’t endearing, it’s showing off, and worse, it looks like you’re trying to buy a relationship.In the beginning at least, sharing the check or taking turns paying, makes sense.In that way, no one feels taken for granted or obligated.Once a relationship has developed, a conversation regarding paying for dinners, etc., is appropriate. Don’t try to impress because you won’t be able to maintain that level of behavior.

Your time delay mechanism will prevent you from making irrational statements like this.

Suggesting to your boomer date, “Let’s go back to my place and make love,” after knowing him or her for an hour or less, isn’t just crazy, it’s potentially dangerous.

And while free love may be reminiscent of the 1960s, it’s totally unacceptable behavior today.

It’s a memorable moment that couples remember for years.

While most people enjoy a pleasant surprise, no one enjoys feeling ambushed.

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