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With the help of Real's incredible database of summer stats, I figured it was time to revisit the question with a much larger sample than the single summer's worth of data I used then.And it turns out one of my key takeaways was the result of a small sample.The ball handlers/wings/bigs categorization does not reflect the modern game better than the traditional positions, where players tend to fill different roles on offense than defense.Take last season's Houston Rockets backcourt, where James Harden served as the ball handler on offense but rarely defended opposing point guards, a job assigned to Patrick Beverley. I also tend to think that lumping the two frontcourt positions together diminishes the significant differences in defensive responsibilities for power forwards and centers.Well, I think one issue there is it's not at all clear whether Rajon Rondo is a good point guard; that certainly wasn't the case most of the 2016-17 regular season.Setting that distinction aside, I think the bigger concern is that a good point guard often becomes a mediocre wing when asked to play that role.Furthermore, on-ball and off-ball is a significant distinction in terms of skills.Both Rondo (36.7 percent of the time the Chicago Bulls were on offense last season, per Sport VU tracking on and Jrue Holiday (33.6 percent of the time the New Orleans Pelicans were on offense) played primarily on-ball last season in a way that won't be possible when they're paired in the backcourt.

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He revealed that it was 'actually pretty straightforward' to re-shoot the scenes and that it had taken just four days. We pulled the whole plan together in — honestly — about four days.' The movie was all but complete when he made the decision to reshoot the scenes that featured Spacey - just six weeks before the big-budget film's release date.Rim protection is much more important for centers, whereas power forwards have to be more mobile to defend stretch-4s on the perimeter.Stevens has been blessed with interchangeable big men in Al Horford and Amir Johnson, allowing him to choose matchups based on the strengths and weaknesses of the opposing frontcourt.Given Kyle Kuzma's overall game in the summer league, is it fair to say he is the biggest draft steal so far?" - Amir This year, more than any I can remember, there has been great interest in just what summer league means, with many readers revisiting my 2013 piece on the topic.

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