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He’d put all that effort into getting your money and now you had accidentally prevented him. He never went into that detail but he said ‘it’ would hold for a little longer. Regardless, and more to the point, I hadn’t accidentally prevented anything.

Just wanted Vito to fix it.”My mind flicked to the amount of legal documents I had signed in the last year. There had been so many meetings with so many solicitors and business men. Kara, Ash, Tony and the rest of that millennial group.

I’m not lost, just navigating towards another meeting with more strangers in the middle of nowhere, but at least the road is 3 lanes wide and relatively straight. I put it back between my legs, safely nestled in the voluptuous folds of the tulle skirt that I chose for this auspicious occasion, and lightly laugh at myself.

I glance down at my phone’s GPS and scroll the map forward. Only I would have stressed over what to wear.‘Are you kidding?

The side streets of East Morang are narrow and windy. The casual acceptance of what I just said was mind fucking. The incessant chatter in my head questions whether I’ll be leaving this house tonight. Filomina offering me a coffee, which I accept, joking that under the circumstances, maybe something stiffer would be more appropriate. It was a lot to take on board in a short time.” of September.” Even as I said it, I felt my heart hankering for the simplicity of the nightmare as it was, back then. That you were concerned as to whether I was now a threat to your She looked at me and gave everyone, (there were now two more teenagers in the kitchen), a surprised innocent, confused look. Oh my God, she just publicly denied that she had made that first anonymous call to me. ” Over the last few months, I had acquired a bit of background knowledge on a few random people.

Why was I allowed to be with him in the first place? I cannot reconcile how my world went from paradise to this nightmare of thugs, lies, thieves, cons and betrayals, let alone living I glance down and realize the turn is ahead and start to concentrate on the road. I am in his house and he may still carry the deed out. Clearly, none of this is normal.depends on a fair few things. Am I going to be able to be of help to them and what if I can’t? I’m ushered into the kitchen and we sit down at the grey, marble counter. It was like being hit in the face, chest and stomach simultaneously. An eyebrow raise and a non comprehending slight shake of my head, as I try to accept the finality of my reality. “I first knew about the threat, the day after I found out about Paul. He informed me, that if I was, then you were going to sort me out. What would be best, was that I had been allowed to happily marry Paul, and be living with the man that loved me.

It was hidden.’ My knowledge of the underbelly of society is limited to TV. A bullet is a bullet.”“Because you are on my Facebook, you know I’ve written a book and although it needs to be edited, right now, my solicitor has a copy, and there are several on USB sticks stored with people. If we are here tonight to strike a better arrangement for me and you to work together, then that book has a better use for all of us and I’d change your details as you wish. I want to have him come back home to Melbourne, and I personally wouldn’t mind being allowed to live my life quietly and safely.”“No, Keep our names.

I’m obviously“Alright then, if we are going to be this open, I need to be honest and say, I’d be stupid to pretend I don’t still think I’m at risk. Apparently there’s more than just one person after me. The hackles on the back of my neck again stood up and I saw the hairs on my arm raise on top of goose bumps. He gave me a compassionate look and suggested I take a seat opposite him.

Yay, that she felt I had had enough shit for one life time, but what the fuck?

I haven’t told them my story and I feel it has been used against me, and yet she is saying it’s what kept me alive.

I know that these are the facts but I can’t compute them. What about all the stuff I don’t know, and what is it that they hope I do know? This is all so blase, it’s as if we are discussing grocery prices. I glanced towards Vito, aware that tonight required a lot of direct eye contact. I was hurt and angry.“Vito, that man cold heartedly told me that you had called and asked if I was a problem. What would be better, was that none of this had happened. You should have seen him, storming around here, when he didn’t get the money.

This is what is referred to as the beyond worst scenario for one’s life. Filomina laid her hands open, palms down on the bench in front of me. He is cold hearted and will do anything to get the job done.

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