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Ere Grijalva had come back, Velazquez determined to send a third and more numerous squadron to the Mexican coast.Cortés, then one of Velazquez's favourites, was named as the commander, a choice which created no little envy.

It touched the coast of Mexico, and brought home metallic objects and evidences of superior culture.

At the last moment Velazquez, whose suspicions were aroused by the action of Cortés, instigated by his surroundings, attempted to prevent the departure.

It was too late; Cortés, after the example set by Quintero, slipped away from the Cuban coast and thus began the conquest of Mexico.

In 1517 Cordova reached the coast of Yucatán, while commanding a modest expedition despatched by Velazquez.

He was mortally wounded and only a remnant of his crew reached Cuba again, bringing back news of the superior culture of the people they had met.

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