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This estimate is based on a 1998 paper by this author; its methodology draws on the pioneering efforts of Nehemiah Robinson in the 1940s and 1950s and other material.[1] This includes estimates of the Jewish share of wealth for each country in Nazi-occupied Europe, tax records, country estimates published at the time, and the asset declarations that the Nazis forced the Jews to file.

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Within that context, Bonn enacted the BRÜG law in July 1957 to provide compensation for movable property stolen by the Nazis, which the claimant could identify but could no longer locate.The Promises and Pledges Efforts to restore property taken by the Nazis and their collaborators began well before the end of hostilities.All governments-in-exile from occupied countries nullified the confiscatory actions taken by the invaders.Although that is true, it is possible to provide a reasonable estimate that can be used as a framework for understanding the issue in terms of what was lost and what has been restored.In late-1930s prices, the value of Jewish assets amounted to - billion.

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