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We had a large family, but Daddy and Momma always managed to hold it together for the sake of us kids.There were nine kids, myself (the youngest), my older sister Frannie, and my seven brothers.I think I might have even been a little afraid of him.It wasn't until the night that I caught him peering through my bedroom window while I was changing for bed that my apprehension suddenly became real.Standing there naked, I pulled on my robe, ran down the hall to Momma's room and tried to tell her what had happened.

Hurt and disappointed by her reaction, with tears brimming in my eyes, I walked back to my room and closed the door.For the first time in a very long time, I had begun to feel as if things would be okay, that despite the difficult times we had already endured, we could be reasonably secure here with Uncle Jim.At least that's what I thought in the beginning, but within that first year of our moving there, my life was turned upside down. ***** Sure, we were relatives, but I didn't really know the folks on Daddy's side of the family that well.My folks didn't know, but I had a "boyfriend" who I had let take small liberties.At night, I would sneak out to meet him and I even allowed him to fondle my breasts under my blouse and finger me occasionally.

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