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In next 5 days we finished all formalities & were part of Club Mahindra roller coaster rides.There are lot of bitter experience with Club Mahindra – starting from purchasing to doing bookings to services in resorts to checkouts but I must appreciate they have good properties.They proudly say that there membership is increased by 26% Compounded annualized growth rate but their Inventory was not able to keep pace & just grown by 22%. (You can check the below table – Club Mahindra Members Vs Inventory) Second, Club Mahindra gives resorts on rental to nonmembers, even in the peak season. Their annual report show earning of Rs 15 Cr from rental they have received from nonmembers.

Sometime money involved can be small for eg going for new released movie. So why I am saying Club Mahindra Membership is MY biggest mistake (in short) – because: Membership is also divided in these categories where you can utilize holiday in your season or lower.

Just after my sisters marriage we were having some cash in our account & coincidentally we were also planning to buy LCD TV.

Then came THE SUNDAY & I saw advertisement in local newspaper, where Club Mahindra also shared about FREE Sony Bravia TV.

Price Club Mahindra Claims their membership is Inflation Free but other than one time fees members have to pay annual subscription fees (irrespective of usage), depending on type of room they own.

They charge ASF on type on rooms so Studio will pay lowest ASF & 2 Bed Room will pay highest.

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