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These span a number of functions, including for example Boosted- Servers, Special "Shopping Mall Servers" and a number of other functional hacks.Special care should be taken when doing this sort of cheating because -- shocker!-- some of these so-called free services are set up by crackers who, in addition to helping you cheat in your game, at the same time copy data from your device to their server including (but not limited to) any payment data (think credit card info) stored on your device, your email contacts, and personal information. Spoofed (Local) Server Hack This type of hack/cheat requires you to run a program on your PC with your i OS and/or Android device connected to the PC via the standard USB cable that comes with it.They then use that data to empty your bank accounts, steal your identity, or even worse, download photos of fat girls riding clowns riding mini-bikes and then CC copies to all of the people you know thus outing you as a fat-girl-clown-mini-bike fetishist. Using the special program your PC poses as the official game server, and alters the rewards parameters so that you can increase the number of , and money you receive in the game for actions and tasks. Invisible File Editing Certain of the configuration and save files for the game as well as the innards of the OS and other apps on your i OS device are concealed in what are euphemistically known as "invisible directory trees" but are, in reality, simply directories you are not supposed to be able to see or access.

This particularly applies to the Mailbox cash award, Free Play forms on EA's game site they address the issue of Time Skip Cheating in several ways.: Free Play does NOT in any way, shape, or form endorse or recommend using Cheats of any sort or type in your game for a number of reasons, and not the least of these being: 1.Almost every cheat that is revealed via You Tube and on the Chat Boards has some sort of destructive potential for your game. Using Cheats in Free Play can (often DOES) risk getting you banned or corrupting the save of your game. Any time you have to do something like Jailbreak your device, or mess with its basic settings (like Time and Date) you are doing things that are potentially damaging to your data on your device. The : Free Play is a Freemium Grinder of the City Building variety, which means that the studio that created it and the company who owns its IP obtain their revenue stream via the micro-transactions system (though really some of the packages that they sell are far from micro) and as such -- and in consideration of the very high quality of both the game and its aggressive and extensive update and expansion program -- really deserves our support, not our cheating :) In Conclusion what we are saying is that Cheats are bad and we do not suggest you do them or approve of them - BUT - being as this is a Walkthrough and Guide to the game, and despite the above four Cheats Rules that we really do subscribe to, it is after all a guide so we are more or less obligated to, at a minimum, cover the more popular of the cheats. Also please note that we did NOT use ANY of the following in the process of the game played for the purposes of creating this WTG, documenting it, and officially and unofficially contributing as a tool to its creation.Specifically among those no longer blocked bits is the ability to set the connectivity route, and to edit files that are located within hidden directories.: We do not recommend or endorse the use of ANY action on your device that requires it to be subjected to the procedure known as jail-breaking.

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