Mandating use of

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“Socialism with Chinese characteristics” has become all but a national motto, enforced with particular rigor in parts of the country facing separatist movements.

Taiwan considers itself a sovereign nation despite China’s consistent claims that there is “only one China,” not a Republic of China and a communist China; Hong Kong has increasingly protested Beijing’s growing control over its democratic system.

This week, California joined that revolution when Governor Jerry Brown created two new classes of corporations for businesses that seek to pursue both profit and purpose: Benefit Corporations and Flexible Purpose Corporations.

These new legal structures are revolutionary in two ways.

Arguments are expected to be heard when the Court reconvenes in October.

Attorney from the American Civil Liberties Union and the National Immigration Law Center are expected to face off against a government team now led by acting Solicitor General Jeffery Wall.

The executive order was the second issued on the matter.The equities relied on by the lower courts do not balance the same way in that context.Denying entry to such a foreign national does not burden any American party by reason of that party’s relationship with the foreign national., respectively.First, they broaden the duty of a company beyond maximizing shareholder value to include maximizing value, such as operating the business in an environmental and social responsible manner.Second, they increase transparency and accountability. Though it is the first state to pass the Flexible Purpose Corporation type, California is the sixth state to approve the Benefit Corporation classification.

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