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There are many opportunities for predators to compile the puzzle pieces to find out more about a child, their tastes in music, TV, and ultimately where they're located.Many kids are indiscriminate about the information they are posting online, on their social networking profiles for the world to see.Many kids don't tell their parents when they have a problem online because they are afraid they will lose computer privileges. Start e-mentoring early when kids go on the computer so that your family values and rules are ingrained early.

Student Authentication - Contact Us Yes, Advising Information Nationally, a typical online student is a working adult who is managing a student career, work career and family and is taking online courses for convenience to complete an education or for career enhancement.By that time an emotional connection has been made." After a nude picture is sent by the child, sometimes sextortion occurs, extortion using sexual images. He then threatened her if she didn't send more naked pictures. The 28-year-old man from El Salvador was planning on picking up this girl from school that afternoon.This recently happened to a Massachusetts 13-year-old who thought she was communicating with a teenager. The man had sent her the cellphone; her mom didn't know she had one. In both situations, these predators found their victim on Facebook. E-mentor kids online especially when they have a computer in their bedroom.The more information kids post about themselves on line the easier it is for a predator to find them.Pictures of kids in school sports uniforms, talking about their school or activity, posting where they are on their status updates, or using Foursquare a geo-location site.

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