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Then Dr AI seemed to be solving a good enough problem. Browsing through a lot of bots, Hangman to TVakis, they seemed to be quite utilitarian in their approach.It seemed that the development is still in its infancy and the idea is yet to evolve.But let’s just wait until the scammers have their own bots, too.That’ll be the future of cybersecurity: millions of bots battling back and forth behind-the-scenes, running interference for us.After a little searching, I was able to find Botlist — a collection of a crazy number of bots.While browsing my only aim was to guess and rationalize the developer’s decision to choose the bot platform over the app platform to solve their problem. I found Mitsuku, of course, which was fun to talk to.This journey is my quest to find if both my suspicions were valid and having some fun doing it.

There are no reigning champions in the chatbot domain as of now. I talked with a lot of people to investigate how far we really are into this future. Common consensus with the experts that I talked to put the timeframe to about two years to five years until we see a really killer app for the chatbot platform.Instead of a long and generic answer, our chatbot will give a quick and precise response creating an intelligent conversation with the customer.Bot Man is framework agnostic - that means you can use it in your existing codebase, whatever framework you might use. Bot Man Studio is a Laravel 5.5 boiler project to get you started in no time!Two things that I noticed in particular with the good ones were: The decision to build a chatbot instead of an app does indeed carry business merit. The next part of my journey was actually making a bot to see how deep the waters really go.uilding a chatbot was like solving a reasonably-sized jigsaw puzzle for me.I just had to find the right pieces and the tools needed to build it.

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