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The World Trade Press has implemented a new reporting system.The new system will be logging data from 7/4/2016 forward.

As informed professionals and passionate travellers we are on hand to use our knowledge to recommend the best destinations, accommodation and imaginative itineraries.

Travelounge is an established member of The Global Travel Group (membership number S1079), the UK's largest consortium of independent travel agents.

This membership gives us access to the buying power of an enormous group but also allows us to retain our individuality.

Best practice compliance requires close scrutiny of customers, counterparties and partners, especially where these have a connection to some kind of political office.

Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) need to be subjected to a higher level of scrutiny along with their immediate family, close associates and linked entities (companies, close corporations, trusts etc.) and State Owned Entities (SOEs) need also to be fully identified and understood.

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