Ms access linked table not updating

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This can get much worse for the second and subsequent users into a shared MDB on a server.

Once you've successfully refreshed the first table open a recordset based on that table.

However this could have been fixed in newer Novell OSs as well as various service packs.

There was a posting the same day I wrote the above paragraph indicating this is still a problem.

The continuous form was based on a table with 800,000 records although only a few hundred or thousand records were retrieved and displayed.

Making this change in the front end won't help if it even works at all.

Also make sure you have the fastest available reasonably priced (don't go spending lots of money on SCSI if you don't need to) hard drive controller systems and hard drives. I'm quite happy with the performance of my tower systems IDE 100 controller and hard drives. For more information see ACC2000: Saving Objects in DB Slower Than in Earlier Versions - 246306 The problem is likely related to server security as each directory you navigate must be checked against the domain security system.

This may be particularly acute in combo boxes and subreports when using a FE/BE system as I've noticed these appear to be poorly optimized.

As a result, more is being written to disk then was done in the past.

Some changes to the database cause Access to make a copy of the project items instead of replacing the old project which can cause an increase in database size.

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