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Thank you Langley Mon Apr 04 2016goodbell at ripnet.comwrong date Ariel WNGThe Ariel wng dated 1943 is not a 43 but a 1940 with frame number 13200 it was the 1598 bike made in a contract of 2700 this is my bike I bought this in 2015 and had it dated by the bsa m20 forum and the Ariel owners club Cheers Steven bell Canada Wed Dec 24 2014 david.w.webster at 600 square four distributor cap Ariel 600 square four I am trying to locate a distributor cap for an Ariel 600 square four, either to borrow (in order to take dimensions) or to buy.

Alternatively if anyone has a detail drawing of the cap that would also be a great help.

Maybe a replica or an engraving (like in glass) or a vintage poster we can put in a frame, anything! Even if you only have the engine and gearbox, please contact me as well.

So as we don't know anything about motorcycles, we started searching the net for information and found your site. Indonesia ug Ariel 500 Single Ariel 500 Single I have recently aquired a fleet of classics in varying state of disrepair and abuse (4 in total).

I have a number of very rusting Ariel 500 Red hunter parts I wish to get rid of. David Elmer yahoodot com pricing on a 1958 Ariel Ariel Square Four i am trying to find out what a 1958 Ariel Square Four is worth as a basket case.good resto.project flagstaff, arizona Ariel-1947-Red-Hunter-parts Mon Feb 08 2010 peters5denn at aoldot com Patent info plate 1036 Ariel sq4 600CC I need this patent plate to complete my bike.It is the one that is riveted to the timing cover on the engine.Hereford Thu Oct 16 2014 eelco139 at Ariel motorcycle 1929 B Dear Madam, Sir, I hope this e-mail finds you well. Past tense, because two months ago he had an accidental fire in his garage (something short-circuited).I'm writing you this from The Netherlands and hope you can help me out or point me in some kind of direction. My friend Tom owned an Ariel model B from the year 1929. It destroyed lots of stuff that can be replaced, but it also destroyed the motorcycle and that is unreplaceable. Northern California Ariel-1935-Red-Hunter-500-Cal-1is in the users gallery au bike ARIEL 1916 Hi i have what i think is a 1916 ARIEL it was my late fathers bike and i would like to find out its value .

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