Newsradio episode mr james dating

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I'd put Jimmy's confused and increasingly despondent reading of the book in the sitcom scene Hall of Fame, along with Lucy at the chocolate factory, Reverend Jim's drivers test, Dwight Schrute's fire drill, etc.It's a beautifully silly idea, with the absurd language made even better by Root's puzzled delivery.Enter Andrea, the efficiency expert played by a young Lauren Graham, who sees Dave's eccentric operation and decides she can make it better, starting with the firing of weird, grossly incompetent Matthew.One of the things that made “News Radio” special was the presence of Dave Foley at the center.

We get more excellent Dave panic as he tries unsuccessfully to beat the machine for Lisa's sake, all with Andrea being amused at how adorable he is under pressure.(Whoever had the idea that Jimmy would have to pause and turn the page before reading “dung” is a genius.) It's only a few minutes out of the episode, but it's enough.(**) I even used it as the basis of my review of NBC's disastrous remake of “Coupling,” which was itself at least somewhat a British spin on “Friends.” When you translate an idea one time too many, you get gibberish.In a period of abundant comedy riches for TV in general and NBC in particular, “News Radio” was unfortunately an afterthought.But it shouldn't have been, as these two episodes demonstrate so well.

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