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Sistine certainly has the looks to join her father on the silver screen, but she apparently is not interested in pursuing an acting career. Recently, Sistine Stalone made her debut walk at the London Fashion Week.Don’t look too hard for a family resemblance between Connor and his mega-famous parents, Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman.

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You can definitely see a lot of her father when you look at how Dominik appears today as an adult.At 16 years old, she was already signed to a modeling contract and working on following in her mother’s footsteps.Actor Andy Garcia’s oldest daughter is Dominik, a 33-year-old actress and dancer.Therefore, no one exactly keeled over in shock when Rafferty became his modeling career at the young age of 17.Now in his 20s, Rafferty continues to walk the runway and appears to have a real interest in taking his modeling career to the next level as time goes by.

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