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Xiao Xiao Man later made a counter video response titled Re: Raging Christy .Soon after Xiao Xiao Man's video was uploaded, Christina removed hers. was excessively advertised in SONICTHEHEDGEHOGXX's games, leading some to believe that SONICTHEHEDGEHOGXX used his popularity to quickly garner a large clan. Xiao Xiao Man also says that many alternate accounts of many users in the group, leading to a false number of members.One of Roblox's most commonly criticized points is its immature community.Players frequently utilize the Report Abuse system for things that are not in violation of Roblox's Terms of Service, such as another player winning a game or someone refusing to accept a trade offer with them.In early 2017, many users, were affected by an update that caused many words to be filtered.

Players can tell if a player is an online dater by what they say and through their roleplay names.This sends a complaint to the Roblox moderation team.The team then checks the chat log, to determine whom, if anyone, to punish, and in what way to do so.Many child predators try to online date to lure in children and get information about them outside ROBLOX.Around 2010, Roblox's demographic experienced a shift from a target age of 10–16 year olds to 6–8 year olds.

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