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Over the following three years, an additional race was introduced in a new location each year.In 2004, the Atacama Crossing was held in the Atacama Desert of Chile.Desert Runners, directed by Jennifer Steinman, follows four participants as they attempt to complete the series in 2010.The Desert Runners documentary received many film awards.The Last Desert 2010 was featured 3 times on IMG's Transworld Sport.The Racing The Planet Ultramarathon was introduced in 2008 as the 4 Deserts saw a desire for multi-day, multi-stage races in new countries.The concept was to supplement with 4 Deserts Race Series with one-off races in new locations each year.

The Gobi March, the series' inaugural race, was held in the Gobi Desert of western China in 2003.This was followed by the Sahara Race in the Sahara Desert of Egypt (Eastern Desert) in 2005.In 2006 a fourth race, called The Last Desert, took place in Antarctica and was the first year in which all 4 Deserts races were held in the same calendar year.Competitors can enter any of the individual multiday races within the 4 Deserts Race Series, but if they wish to take part in The Last Desert (Antarctica) they must successfully finish at least two of the other races in the series.To date, more than fifty races have been staged with more than 10,000 individuals representing 100 countries in the races.

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