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But a study of the animal's interns found it had a complete pair of ovotestes - gonads that contain both ovarian and testicular tissue.

The Pacific spadenose shark is a close relative of the Silvertip (file photo).

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However, just weeks later B-44 shattered into more than 20 fragments.In a new episode titled ‘Metalhead’ from the just-released fourth season, Black Mirror explores what could happen if these machines turned on us, revealing the terrifying quest for survival in a world where robo-dogs can outrun and outsmart humans.California-based Dr Josiah Zayner, 36, made headlines last month when he became the first person known to have edited his own DNA (artist's impression top left).Through analysing fossils of dinosaur bones, skin, teeth and musculature, it is revealed the animal may have had more in common with birds than reptiles – including feathers and markings around its eyes.This almighty toy crane built by LEGO lover Dawid Szmandra in Poland stands at about 10 feet tall and takes up half the size of a large living room.

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